Flood and fire damage specialists

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All too often many home owners find themselves completely unprepared when it comes to dreaded disasters such as flooding or unexpected fires in their homes. These events are unfortunately unexpected and, with the unexpected comes distress and turmoil for your family when your home has been badly affected!

Being a preferred service provider to the insurance industry with years of experience in emergency situations, we will be able to do emergency work and guide you through the restoration process, with minimal disruption to your family and everyday life.

As flood and fire damage specialists, we offer expertise in restoring water damage from burst pipes, burst geysers or flooding, as well as fire damage, smoke damage and odour remediation. Many homes experience flooding from burst pipes and geysers – Stimvak offers professional solutions to drying out your home and its contents and restoring life back to soaked carpets, curtains, furniture and more. All our technicians have the experience and knowledge to remedy the situation as promptly as possible!

The devastating effects of a fire throughout your home can cause a great deal of distress for any family – Stimvak will work closely with you to clean and restore damaged carpeting, curtaining, fabrics, furniture and other items. Our team of professionals work quickly and efficiently to ensure your family spends as little time away from home as possible, restoring your lives back to normality.

Whether its flooding or fire damage, often restoration may be more affordable and effective than completely replacing an item in question – contact Stimvak Services for all your flood and fire damage restoration requirements on: 082 8085293 / 0829001703 / 0824459655 or mail us at: martie@stimvak.co.za

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